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Nowadays, the network information is playing a more and more important role in the world. How does netizens discuss a companys products, services and brands? How well do they discuss? These are the most common questions any companys managers encounter, and how to work them out in a systematic way always bothers them. There are lots of various promotion activities, but whats the result? Is the single click rate or response rate worth trusting?
The multi-functioned iWOM-Trends system is able to help handle those problems. IWOM-Trends system can catch the pointed information in the whole network, collect and classify each message in such aspects as release time, scan volume, response volume, repost volume and attitude orientation, which helps the client master the online conditions of their products and brands at any time so as to response in time.
Based on the effective collection and analysis of online information, EverTrends makes in-depth study on brands online reputation, Consumer Product epistemic logic, demands, feedbacks, campaign effectiveness, as well as the performance of competing brands.

We have refined the important indicator of network monitoring on the basis of public praise and public opinion monitoring, developed systematic monitoring index system as well as description and diagnosis model. All the above have went through the long-time verification and perfection in programs, which proves their effectiveness and accuracy. For instance, the monitoring indicator SVAS+AW system serve such areas as network volume tracing, public praise health rate measuring, BIDCM, BIEM, analysis of network medium area and the like.
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