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EverTrends owns the self-developed network monitoring system, iWOM-Trends, which can do an in-depth study and scientific analysis of internet word of mouth. IWOM-Trends has four characteristics: the whole network coverage, quick grasp, accurate judgment and deep analysis. Whats more, iWOM-Trends achieved remarkable results in the aspects of network technology, such as dynamic tracking, the crawler technology, word segmentation technology and repeat removal. The system was used and tested by many customers, which got a consistent high praise.
The whole network monitoring

iWOM-Trends can cover the areas of news, BBS, Blog, Weibo, SNS, Wiki in the whole net. The number of covered information reaches 10 million

Quick grasp

Scanning the entire network every 30 minutes allows the useful information to be found in the shortest time, and the time could be shorten to 15 minutes in the condition of directional search.

Accurate judgment

Spam recognition, exclusive word segmentation technology, meaning identification librarys meaning identifying system and manual sorting make the accuracy of information distinguishing industry-leading.

Friendly interface

Instant information display, excellent information classification, query and tracking, graphical report show and hierarchical account management make customers experience better.

In-depth analysis

Apart from the releasing date, media, number of views and replies, much important information such as the attitude, topics, competitions and structural logic will also be included in the scope of our information collection. The complete research model can provide multidimensional analysis, including word of mouth diagnosis, competition environment, SWOT, and media environment
Real-time query monitored information, backup project information at any time

Support multiple user login classification, browse and query online, the latest information show, real-time statistical charts, and historical document backup

There are also dash board and the repository display in the report, which could make the data information more visual

The resource library includes user library, role library and media library. It is convenient for enterprises to trace between information and individual

Through the users library, you can see weibo users fans amount, influence, identity information and so on, and you also could also know their favorite brands, their already bought goods and the evaluation. In addition, you can accurately screen the weibo users through advanced search

Role library is used for showing the detailed info of company weibo and certificated users. Through querying and learning their value, enterprise can formulate pointed social marketing strategies

Media library is convenient for customers to query the media ranking list, readership and its classification at any time. It could provide accurate and effective reference for enterprises to promote.
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