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Social CRM is the core of market competition
Social CRM, as the basis of users relationship of socialized products, should be laid out in advance.
Social CRM can be regarded as the ultimate of marketing and sales, yet is only the beginning and foundation of Social Consumption and social product.
Enterprises should integrate the domestic platform such as CRM system, electronic community with exoteric Social Media into a flexible system.
The system can make it convenient to gather the feedback and sales clue, and the share valuable information.
Social CRM is an important promotion and sales channel.
In the current stageInternet is mainly a communication channel, and sales channel comes second for customers. However, in the near future, internet will be a major sales and survival channel.
The influence of online information on the commodities is becoming increasingly important. In extreme cases, there are no good or bad products (bad products is bound to be weeded out), but only known and unknown products. It seems that there is no competition between traditional companies and internet enterprises. However, the increasing cost of media buy and a growing number of memberships of consumers are actually a kind of competition. As more and more comprehensive electronic business media grows stronger, the products of private brands will emerge. In this sense, the winner of the competition in the future will be the enterprises that possess more electronic users.
The distinction between Social CRM and traditional CRM
Traditional CRM
Closed system
Less communication between members
Lack of growing vitality
Social CRM
Open system
Much communication between members
Self-growing vitality
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